The Dell That Won’t Die

This is a story of a laptop. This is a Dell D630 Latitude, that I bought second hand in 2009. These laptops were launched around 2007 and were part of a series of Dell D6xx machines.

This machine was a business grade laptop that I acquired after it came off lease. I had been using a D600 Latitude series machine that was running out of steam for what I needed.  I used this machine daily for the last six years and it has performed admirably. This included four motherboard replacements, as my toddler like to give it a drink on occasion. Its had three different hard drives and a few different batteries. The laptop traveled to China and has seen several trips across the country.

The D630 is still in use today, running Windows 7 and working quite well. As a matter of fact the D600 it replaced is currently serving as a music player on the home stereo running Linux Ubuntu.

The moral of the story, just because your tech is a bit older it doesn’t mean it still can’t serve a purpose. Hardware repairs, upgrades and the right operating system can keep a machine serving you for years.